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With many people wanting to achieve a clear and straight smile, a common debate is, which is better, braces or aligners? 

Invisalign Aligners have grown in popularity due to their aesthetic benefits and ease of use. Choosing Invisalign or braces is a personal decision and best made with a qualified dentist or orthodontist. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of each to help you get a better idea of your options.

Which is Better – Braces or Clear Aligners?

To better understand which is better braces or aligners, let’s have a look at the various factors you might consider.


Braces require a more extensive application and removal process. These treatments can be uncomfortable and more time consuming than the application of Invisalign aligners. All you need to do with Invisalign is undergo a dental scan and wait to receive your aligners.


Almost all orthodontic appliances have the potential to affect the way you talk. Invisalign is made of thin plastic, and the impacts are only minor and temporary. Some people also experience this impact when wearing braces, as the dental appliance can be uncomfortable or feel like it is getting in the way. Once again, these effects often wear off over time.

When Wearing the Dental Appliance

When looking at clear aligners vs braces, the most significant difference between the two appliances is while wearing them. Firstly, clear aligners are far less noticeable and often people don’t know you are wearing them until you tell them. Braces have a prominent appearance and are easily identified on the individual wearing them. It is much less comfortable to wear braces compared to Invisalign.  

Clear aligners are more comfortable to wear and made of soft plastic. This is especially noticeable for active people or those playing sports. When wearing braces, it is easy to get minor cuts from playing sports, and wax may be needed to soften the edges of the brackets. Braces also have metal wires which can be dislodged or feel uncomfortable in the mouth. An Invisalign device is one single mould with soft edges. 


Once you and your dentist are happy with the results, all you must do is stop wearing your aligners. Braces require an additional appointment and more extensive removal process for the brackets and wires fixed to your teeth. 

What’s more, the treatment time when comparing the two will vary enormously. Braces are typically worn for a minimum of 18-months to three years, where Invisalign treatment time is much shorter.


Both dental devices are great at achieving results to improve the alignment and appearance of your teeth. By the end of either treatment, both you and your dentist should be happy with the appearance of your teeth.

The Benefits of Clear Aligners Vs Braces

At Casey Dentists, we are pleased to offer leading Invisalign treatment to our Townsville patients. As such, while we may be biased, we strongly believe that there are a number of benefits that come with Invisalign that support the argument between aligners and braces. Let’s look at the benefits of clear aligners vs braces: 

Invisalign Is Invisible!

When deciding which is better braces or aligners, the verdict often comes down to appearance. Invisalign aligners cannot be seen when you are wearing them. The only reason most people will find out that you have them on is if you tell them. The subtleness of the aligners can be great if someone particular about their appearance or have important photos being taken.

Comfortable to wear 

Many people who wear braces experience significant discomfort and irritation from the metal wire and brackets. Aligners are made from smooth plastic and have round edges, so they are more comfortable when in your mouth. This can reduce a lot of discomfort compared to braces, especially when you are getting used to wearing them. Invisalign will still cause some pressure and tenderness as your teeth realign. The longer you have worn them, the less noticeable the discomfort will be. 

Aligners Are Customised

Invisalign aligners utilise 3-D computer image technology to create aligners that are customised to your mouth. With 3-D imaging, an impression of your mouth is mapped to ensure a perfect fit when you wear them, and your teeth move into the proper position over time. 

They Are Easy to Clean

Whilst Invisalign aligners have an aesthetic benefit, they are also convenient and can be taken in and out for easy cleaning. It is much harder to clean braces than Invisalign. The spaces between your teeth and braces can be hard to clean and require specialist flossing devices. 

Invisalign is Fast Acting

With your aligners, you will notice a significant improvement before the end of your treatment. The duration of Invisalign treatments is typically shorter than those for braces, although this can vary from patient to patient.

Aligners Are Removable

Aligning and straightening your teeth is no easy feat. Regardless of what product you choose, it can be uncomfortable and annoying. The beauty of Invisalign aligners is that you can pop them in and out. Whilst it is best to keep them in, if you have a special occasion or want a quick break from the discomfort, you can take them out. Outside of this, you can take them off to eat, drink and clean your teeth. 

What is required here is personal discipline. Whilst it may be tempting to take your aligners off, they need to be worn for at least 22 hours a day to be effective. Whilst it may be more convenient than braces for cleaning and taking them on and off, you still need to wear them. 

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