Woman smiling in a dental clinicOcclusal Disease is one of the most common dental disease we treat at Casey Dentists.

The core belief behind occlusal disease is accelerated wear of the teeth and the effect this has on the teeth themself, the muscles that support the jaw and the tempro-mandibular jaw joint, which allows movement of the lower jaw. There is often associated pain around the jaw joint with clicks, pops and grating noises and also pain at distant sites, including headaches, migraines, kneck pain, ear congestion, ringing in the ears, visual disturbances and balance problems.

Bruxism and clenching of the teeth have a deleterious effect on all three tissues - the teeth, the muscles and jaw joint. At Casey Dentists a thorough history, examination and record taking along with a specific occlusal (tooth-tooth) examination and plaster models of the teeth are mandatory.

Excessively worn teeth require major rehabilitation. This involves using a carefully prepared diagnostic wax up of your tooth relationships showing you the proposed changes. It involves multiple phases of treatment and extended treatment times to ensure you are happy with the result. This is a significant undertaking and truly amazing results are achievable.

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