Are you or your child anxious about seeing the dentist? We now offer Sleep Dentistry! Learn more

Are you or your child anxious about seeing the dentist? We now offer Sleep Dentistry! Learn more

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Sleep Dentistry in Townsville QLD

Sleep Dentistry


Sleep Dentistry

Dental anxiety is more common than you would think; many people fear or even dread going to the dentist. At Casey Dentists, our goal is to help you feel as relaxed as possible so you can receive the treatment you need without undue stress. Sometimes you just need some extra support, which is why we offer sleep dentistry –a comfortable and safe way to have dental work done while you are asleep.

Sleep dentistry solutions include general anaesthesia, oral sedation and happy gas.

General anaesthesia

With general anaesthesia, you will remain entirely asleep throughout the procedure. Given intravenously, it controls the state of unconsciousness to eliminate movement, awareness and discomfort during procedures. If you want to be “completely out” for your surgery or procedure, general anaesthesia is likely what you are looking for; it’s like magic!

It is administered intravenously, directly into the blood vessels. You will be in an induced deep sleep and unresponsive to your surroundings. Your functions and vital signs will be supported by our Specialist Anaesthetist, who will constantly monitor you. Our brand-new state of the art, General Anaesthesia room is fully equipped with the high quality technology to ensure complete safety during the procedure.

Generally, it takes 45 minutes to an hour to become fully conscious after general anaesthesia. You may feel slightly confused, drowsy, weak, nauseous or cold, and you might want to sleep again. You should have arranged for someone to take care of you for the remainder of the day, and you can’t drive for 24-48 hours afterwards.

Oral sedation

It’s the simplest way to manage mild anxiety. A pill is usually taken half an hour before the procedure so you feel calm and relaxed. The tablet will not make you unconscious; however, you may experience sleepiness and fatigue until its effect dissipates. 

After the tablet you ingested takes effect, your procedure will start. You’ll be conscious and able to follow directions but feel more at ease. It’s difficult to know beforehand how well it’ll work for anyone since we all respond differently to medication. Some people fall asleep in the waiting room, while others don’t seem affected much at all by the dosage prescribed. This type of sedation is only meant for patients who get anxious easily but can otherwise manage dental treatment adequately.

Although oral sedation is not as strong as general anaesthesia, it will still impair your ability to coordinate and make decisions. You may feel somewhat tired or drowsy after the medication wears off.

Happy gas

Nitrous oxide (N₂O), more widely referred to as laughing gas or happy gas, is used to provide mild sedation. Laughing gas is colourless and without scent. The sedative will make you feel euphoric and giddy, in a dream-like state. This is the reason why it has been nicknamed “laughing gas”. It is also the mildest and safest sedative available, which makes it ideal for paediatric dentistry too. It is administered through a nosepiece mask.

The aftercare for laughing gas is the bare minimum. You only have to fast for 2 hours before you receive laughing gas. After the dental treatment, you will recover in a matter of minutes and may experience some nausea (which can be quelled by drinking water) as your only symptom.


Dental Clinic

Determining your suitability for sleep dentistry

Our experts will discuss with you and assess which sleep dentistry option is the right one for you. When discussing with your dentist and your Anaesthetist, make sure to share any previous or current medical conditions as well as medications you are or were on so that we can draft the best treatment plan for your needs.

Sleep Dentistry is not only stress-free, but also safe. With the latest equipment, and under the care of our expert team, which includes visiting Specialist Anaesthetists, your dream smile is just a call away!