What Are All on 4 PLUS Implants?  

With modern dentistry, many of us enjoy good dental health supported by regular visits to the dentist. However, some individuals struggle with their dental health and may have lost a significant number of teeth. For these individuals, it can be tough to find a long-term solution without using removable, floating dentures.  Advancements in implant dentistry, allow for fixed teeth procedures, that provide for permanent rehabilitation of your teeth.  A popular fixed implant procedure known as the All On 4 PLUS implants technique. So, what are All on 4 PLUS implants? Let’s get into it.  

What Are All On 4 PLUS Implants? 

The All on 4 implant technique is a popular treatment that emerged in the nineties, helping thousands of people to have a better smile and improve their dental health. Today, All on 4 PLUS implants are a permanent solution to enhance an individual’s dental health and quality of life. 

Unlike removable dentures, All On 4 PLUS implants are fixed to your jaw to support a permanent dental prosthesis for a whole set of teeth. This solution provides a dental replacement that feels, functions, and looks like natural teeth. 

What Is an All On Four PLUS Dental Implant Required For? 

A significant number of people struggle with dental issues such as tooth decay and many dental diseases. As these conditions become more severe, they can drastically affect an individual’s ability to eat and communicate, impacting their quality of life. 

Some common concerns for individuals that have partially or fully lost their teeth are that they cannot chew their food correctly, struggle with self-confidence, can often limit smiling in social settings. Partially or fully decayed teeth can be treated and remedied using crowns or replacement procedures. However, when a significant number of teeth need attention, more complex procedures are required. When crowns and removable dentures do not provide suitable solutions for patients struggling with their teeth, fixed dental devices can offer a permanent solution. 

What Do All On 4 PLUS Dental Implants Look Like? 

The beauty about these implants is they look just like regular teeth. All On 4 PLUS implants at Casey Dentists are made of pure type 4 cold worked Titanium.  This I believe is more beneficial than cold worked alloys as they offer excellent durability, biocompatibility and maintain their outer surface with minimal oxidation; there are also very strong and durable ceramic options for those who cannot have titanium implants.  

While fixed dental treatment is invasive, requiring modification of the jaw and inserting implants into the jawbone, the All On 4 PLUS implant technique is a single day procedure that provides full-arch restoration with just four implants.  The provisional restoration is often delivered in 24 hours, however more often with 3 – 5 days. 

What Is an All On Four PLUS Dental Implant Procedure? 

Before undergoing any procedure, your dentist will evaluate whether dental implants are suitable for you. Your dentist will examine your teeth, gums and jawbone using 3D imaging or a CT Scan, among other screening and imaging tools, including real life intraoral SCANS of your teeth, gums and importantly your bite. 

In a standard procedure, the dentist will modify your jaw bone and create room for the implants to fit into the jaw, ensuring effective high insertion torque. 

Following this, the dentist will take DIGITAL scans of your jaw and implants to create 3D models whereby we can seamlessly produce a full arch BRIDGE to be inserted. After the BRIDGE has been designed, we will 3D print the case in house, modify with colours and stains, fit Titanium bases and then the dentist will then fit them into your mouth, where they will be ready for daily use.  

All On 4 PLUS Dental Implants Recovery Time 

What are All On 4 PLUS implants going to feel like? Well, it is safe to say that a dental procedure of this manner is going to leave you feeling a little sore. Interesting, many of our patients report minimal to no discomfort.  However, In the initial days after the process, you can expect some pain, swelling, and discomfort. If you feel severe pain or discomfort or swelling that concerns you, contact your dentist immediately. 

Within 3-4 days, most people will be back on their feet and going about their daily activities. Your dentist will recommend a liquid diet and the slow introduction of soft foods such as eggs, fish, and pasta during these initial few days. 

In the three months following the procedure, patients should avoid eating hard foods. After three months, your dentist will conduct a review to check the fit of the implant and how it has integrated into the gums. 

After six months, most people will have recovered entirely and enjoy their improved dental health and quality of life. The All On 4 dental implants recovery time is a significant improvement over traditional rehabilitation methods, which take anywhere between 12-18 months.   

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