Are you or your child anxious about seeing the dentist? We now offer Sleep Dentistry! Learn more

Are you or your child anxious about seeing the dentist? We now offer Sleep Dentistry! Learn more

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General Dentistry

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Some of the more common procedures we manage at Casey Dentists are fractured teeth that have been extensively filled with dental amalgam and decay that is infiltrating under the filling, leading to softening of the tooth and dental pain. Dental Amalgam (silver fillings) have been common practice for over 100 years, due to their strength, longevity and relatively low cost. However, these silver fillings tend to fatigue the tooth, act like a wedge and cause expansion and contraction leading to ultimate tooth fracture. Today at Casey Dentists, we use the latest tooth coloured filling materials called composite resins, hybrid ceramics and strong chairside porcelains.   Our Dentists In Townsville, headed by Dr Casey follow the philosophy of the natural layering concept, which yields an exceptionally strong, aesthetic, beautiful tooth. We aim to create exquisite tooth coloured restorations that truly mimic natural tooth structure. Our resin dentistry is excellent and the materials we use are amongst the most highly reviewed in the world by leading cosmetic dentists. Longevity, quality and beauty is at the core of our resin dentistry.  Our ceramics are often constructed chairside using cerec 3D CADCAM dentistry.

Root Canal Therapy

This is an important aspect of our general practice as patients will often present with severe tooth pain. If the infection has progressed to the nerve centre of the tooth called the dental pulp, then Root Canal Therapy is the treatment of choice to preserve your tooth. Contrary to popular public belief, root canal treatment can be painless with the use of our painless anaesthetic techniques and success rates as high as 97% are achievable. Gone is the era, where you have your root canal treatment and then 6 months time, you have the tooth removed.

Dr Casey has had significant training in the management of root canal treatments and he only uses the very best materials and equipment to achieve such high success rates. See our photo gallery for RCT’s.

Digital Radiography

The use of radiographs (X-rays) has always been controversial due to the dose of radiation that is incurred during the process of taking a film. At Casey Dentists, we use digital radiography which provides the highest quality image available for diagnosis whilst only yielding the smallest possible dose of radiation to the patient. Our system is very safe and is monitored regularly for occupational health and safety standards. We also use our mandatory lead lined protective aprons and collars to shield our patients.

Sleep Dentistry Options

Sleep Dentistry Options

For our nervous or anxious patients about seeing the dentist, we now have various sleep dentistry options available including:

✔ Oral Sedation
✔ Happy Gas (Nitrous Oxide)
✔ General Anaesthesia

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