Are you or your child anxious about seeing the dentist? We now offer Sleep Dentistry! Learn more

Are you or your child anxious about seeing the dentist? We now offer Sleep Dentistry! Learn more

Wisdom Teeth Removal: A Survival Guide for First-timers

The thought of going through a wisdom teeth extraction can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time. Wisdom teeth removal is a pretty common occurrence but it’s still a major procedure that requires preparation and a recovery period. Aside from the pain that comes after extraction, you’ll need to take time off work, have the proper medication on hand and prepare soft food for consumption.

The more you know and prepare for the oral surgery, the better and faster you’ll recover. If you have an upcoming appointment with your dentist, here’s a survival guide to make sure you’re ready for the procedure and how to deal with its after-effects.

Clear your schedule

The recovery period for wisdom teeth extraction is typically four to seven days. Right after waking from the surgery, your gums will suffer from swelling, bruising and pain. You will also be coming down from the anaesthesia and using medication for the next few days. That means you’ll have to clear your schedule from any duties for the first couple of days after your surgery. You will have to take time off of work, school and social activities.

Don’t worry because as the days progress, you will be more physically and mentally alert. Until then, it’s a good time to just kick back and relax as you wait for your gums to recover.

Ease pre-surgery jitters

It’s normal to feel anxious about having a wisdom teeth extraction. After all, it’s surgery that requires anaesthesia. To reduce your feelings of anxiety and nervousness, it’s ideal to have upfront and honest conversations with your dentist beforehand. This includes asking them how the procedure works and what you can expect after waking up from the surgery.

If you’re worried about potential complications that might arise during the surgery, ask your dentist about your concerns. Remember that your dentist is a professional that has performed the operation multiple times. When you have answers to your questions, you may gainsome clarity that eases your pre-surgery jitters.

Bring a buddy with you

After your surgery, you will require the assistance of a family member or a friend. This is because wisdom teeth extraction often uses general anaesthesia to numb the patient during the operation. Upon waking up, you might be unable to function normally, making it unsafe for you to drive or commute home. It is important that you ask someone you trust to guide you home.

Ready your medical kit

Your dentist will provide you with the necessary medication for your recovery but you also need an assortment of other aids to help in your healing. Ice packs, pain relievers, antiseptic mouth rinse and gauze will help lessen your pain post-extraction. For ice packs, always remember the 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off rule.

Prepare your shopping list

Your dentist will tell you that it’s best to limit your diet to soft food after your surgery. Eating soft or liquid food will lessen the chances of infection and prevent damage to your wounds.

You may opt for fruits, oatmeal and yoghurt if it’s difficult to find food that is soft, fulfilling and nutritious. It’s also important to eat high-protein and high-calorie food. This includes mashed potatoes, high-protein shakes and pureed soups.

Remember to avoid food that is sticky or chewy. It will get stuck between your teeth, causing damage and pain to the healing wounds.

Safe and Painless Wisdom Teeth Removal at Casey Dentists

At Casey Dentists, we provide surgical management of problematic wisdom teeth. Our resident specialist anaesthetist Dr Brett Segal will manage your anaesthesia while Dr Casey will perform the surgery. Aside from professional wisdom teeth removal, we also offer general dentistry, dental implants, cosmetic procedures and other dental services at our practice on Ross River Road. Our dentists have a wealth of experience in offering unparalleled customer care in a relaxed and friendly environment.

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