Are you or your child anxious about seeing the dentist? We now offer Sleep Dentistry! Learn more

Are you or your child anxious about seeing the dentist? We now offer Sleep Dentistry! Learn more

All-On-Four PLUS Implants — An Ideal Alternative To Dentures

If you’re looking for tooth replacement options as an alternative to traditional dentures, there are several that can provide a natural look and feel.

Whether you have lost one or more teeth due to age, illness, or injury. The latest advances in dental technology allow for many options that can replace your missing teeth and give you back the confidence to smile. We’re going to highlight the top four great false teeth alternatives to dentures that provide a natural look and feel.


Reasons Why You May Need Dentures

Dentures are an excellent option for those who are looking to replace missing teeth. Dentures can provide you with improved confidence and comfort, allowing you to eat and speak normally without worrying about how your smile looks.

Additionally, dentures can provide improved support to your facial structures, helping to maintain a more youthful appearance as well as prevent other related issues from cropping up in the future.

Furthermore, dentures require very little maintenance compared to other dental restoration options, which helps keep your oral health in check over the long run. Dentures can be an ideal solution for those who want to maintain a beautiful smile without spending too much of their time on upkeep.



All-On-Four Implants – A Permanent Replacement For Dentures

All-on-four is an implant system that uses four strategically placed implants to support an entire arch of replacement teeth. This solution offers a permanent, stable alternative to traditional dentures, eliminating the need for denture adhesive and providing a natural look.

The all-on-4 dental implant procedure is a revolutionary approach that allows implants to be placed into the anterior maxilla, an area of increased bone density. Instead of requiring high-density bone as its predecessor techniques do, this method requires posterior implants at a 45° tilt towards the back part of your mouth for security purposes. The advantages are clear: patients with lower jawbone density can still receive safe and secure dental treatments.

This method can be a perfect denture alternative as it offers a better option for those experiencing oral bone health difficulties. In the past, individuals with insufficient upper jaw bones due to sinus issues or naturally occurring loss were not candidates for implant surgery since it necessitated 6-8 implants. Conventional treatments included time-consuming and expensive grafting procedures. Now, the all-on-4 technique makes restoring smiles easier than ever before!

all on 4 plus treatment denture alternative townsville aitkenvalePatients who have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis typically think they are not suitable for dental implants due to the fact that their bone is of poor quality. Historically, this would be true; however, thanks to all-on-4 technology, which eliminates the need for a bone graft. Those suffering from osteoporosis can now experience implant surgery with ease!

Patients who have severely resorbed upper jaws can benefit from these longer implants, which anchor to the underside of their cheekbones through the sinus space, eliminating any need for support solely coming from jaw bones.


Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a lasting solution to missing, lost, or damaged teeth. With this treatment, a dental implant is an artificial tooth root placed directly into the jawbone, bonding to the area and serving as a foundation to which an artificial tooth is attached.

This solution offers many advantages over conventional dentures or bridges, including improved comfort, stability, and security. Plus, over time, these implants can actually help you maintain a healthier jawbone structure.

Dental implants eliminate the need for adhesives that can come loose and create embarrassing situations, as well as make eating a more comfortable experience without having to worry about your dentures slipping or falling out. The investment in dental implants provides value for years to come in terms of longevity, reliability, and better oral health.



Overdentures are a dental treatment option that uses removable denture frames to provide stability and superior support for dentures.

This type of denture is helpful for those who have difficulty wearing traditional dentures or who still have some natural teeth remaining. In this procedure, the frame of the overdenture is carefully designed to fit over your remaining teeth and fits like a cap on each tooth, providing exceptional support and a snug fit.

This process can ensure superior retention and comfort while reducing bone loss. Additionally, it may help improve speech and chewing functions by maintaining the contours of the jawline.

Individuals receiving overdentures must follow special care instructions, which should be discussed with their dentist prior to treatment to ensure success with their new dental appliance.


Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are a great option for restoring a patient’s missing teeth. This type of treatment involves placing an artificial tooth firmly in between two natural teeth with the help of dental crowns. It helps to improve one’s bite alignment and gives a more natural appearance.

The abutment teeth on either side of the missing tooth act as anchors, which are crowns that go on the adjacent teeth. Furthermore, they provide extra support and ensure that other remaining natural teeth do not get misaligned due to the gap created by the missing tooth.

Another major benefit offered by bridge treatments is that they protect any remaining natural healthy teeth from excessive wear due to misplaced bites or grinding habits. Having these treatments done will lead to increased self-confidence as well as durable results.


Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are an effective option for patients who have gaps in their oral cavity but still have some healthy and functional teeth remaining. Partial dentures help to fill the gaps, restore part of the patient’s initial bite pattern, and improve their ability to eat, speak, and smile confidently.

replacement teeth aside dentures townsville aitkenvaleThe denture itself is a removable prosthesis made up of acrylic resin, a metal framework, and sometimes clasps that attach securely to the remaining teeth.

Patients with partial dentures may notice improved self-esteem and confidence due to the restoration of a more natural-looking smile in addition to the other benefits provided by this treatment.

With proper care and regular dental appointments, partial dentures can last many years while offering excellent value for money.



When it comes to tooth replacement options, there are several great alternatives to traditional dentures that can provide a natural look and feel. From All-on-Four Implants for those with lower jawbone density and osteoporosis to dental implants, overdentures, and partial dentures, each of these treatments offers advantages over conventional dentures in terms of comfort, stability, and security.

If you’re looking for an alternative solution to restore your smile without spending too much time on upkeeping or worrying about adhesives coming loose, do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 4801 7035. Our professional dental team at Casey Dentists will guide you to the best option that matches your needs and your budget.



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 




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