Casey Dentists teeth whiteningCasey Dentists believes all patients should have access to teeth whitening.

Our hygienists will discuss with you the best way to achieve this end. Teeth whitening uses a special dentist only prescribed whitening agent that is safe and acts by removing stain particles that accumulate over time on your teeth.

Cigarette smoking, red wine consumption along with tea & coffee are the most often causes of yellow discoloured teeth.

Teeth whitening will lighten and brighten your teeth, along with giving you a renewed sense of self -importance and can help you feel better about yourself.

We have tried numerous teeth whitening systems on the market and believe that the simple, conventional way of self administered bleaching trays done in the privacy of your own home provide the most consistent results. For those people that what an instant result in their teeth whitening program then Casey Dentists also uses the Zoom 3 Advanced Power Whitening system. This takes approximately 2 hours with the hygienist and dentist to achieve up-to seven shades lighter than your current tooth colour.

See our case studies photo gallery for before and after.

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Have you noticed how brown your teeth are lately? Dental plaque builds up on your teeth and nest under your gums. At Casey Dentists say hello to a fresh, clean and pearly white smile. See our dental hygienists and enroll in out whitening for life program.

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